Why Train Online With Us? Edutapp is a cost effective, flexible way of delivering and tracking CPD for teaching assistants, allowing access to an ever-growing library, of high quality training videos - any time, anywhere and on any device.

Leaders Can

Create, track and monitor personalised training packages for staff by assigning bespoke content pertinent to individual needs.

Users Will

Access an ever-growing video library developed by leading consultants, providing coverage of key areas of education and current hot topics.

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Start Learning Online Today Keep your staff up to date by assigning videos and measuring their engagement- All within an easy to use app!

Cost Effective

Edutapp offers a cost effective solution to staff training allowing unlimited access to high quality video content.


Create, track and monitor training packages tailored to the needs of individual staff.


Edutapp allows users to train anytime, anywhere and on any device, creating a truly flexible training solution.

Take Control

With unlimited access to the video library, staff can take control of their own development and collate evidence for the performance management process.

Up to Date

The ever evolving content library adapts to current trends, research and policy, keeping staff at the forefront of educational thinking.


Edutapp allows users to train together using consistent content, allowing collaboration across staff in schools and groups of schools.

How It Works Make learning and compliance training simple and efficient

Managing a knowledge base of important information is hard enough let alone ensuring your staff are engaging with topics that are relevant to compliance in teaching and education.

Edutapp is an easy to use application that lets your senior leadership team assign modules to staff in your school or academy whilst tracking their engagement.

Edutapp is packed with new and regularly updated learning material and can be accessed by you and your staff on any device.

Learn On Any Device Cross Platform Learning app

Edutapp is a cross-platform application that works on Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop Computers.

Access to courses and vital training material anytime, on any device

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